Jeans and Shoes

The Talkers

Jeans and comfortable shoes are staple outfits for many. They do not want to, or care to dress up in business or business casual attire. They are good in their standard outfits and prefer to wear it most of the time. There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and shoes. For the critic who is always seeking to speak opinion on someone else there is. They feel the person should dress as they do and dress to their standard. But who made them and their thoughts the measuring stick?

The Every Day Look

For the person who wears more dressy clothing and shoes, and make business causal their principal look, when they are seen outside of that outfit they may be harder to recognize. The eye and senses have to adjust to see them outside of their norm. What you have to remember is they are people too. They like to dress more comfortably in a different environment. Not only do the like to, but they can. They are free to be as any other person and dress in a way that suits them; therefore, they should not be judged.

Your View

When you live a life of gloom and sadness, those who knew you before have a difficult time digesting the “different you.” People get used to and expect to see you down, dissenting, always in a funk, breathing air of no hope, and not a fun or interesting person to be around. It is comparable to the grinch who was rotten and downcast but his heart was changed. Regardless of your perspective on your life and how you were viewed on yesterday, today is the day to change your jeans and shoes. What are your jeans and shoes? They are your outlook and your mental focus.


Jeans and shoes can be ordered online to be shipped home or picked up in a store, but the best fits though, are those tailored to the person. These cost more to purchase and take more time to complete, but the fits are undeniable. Conceive this. God is the master tailor, and if you will give Him the time to work in and on you, when you are seen you will be much more complete than ever. The grinch won’t have anything on you, for every part of who you are will be different and worth seeing.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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