What language are you speaking?

Your language to God is not in the words you speak to or about Him.  Your language saying thank You, I love You, I praise You, You are worthy, You are holy, You’ve been good to me, do not adequately speak to God.  Not that those phrases do not have merit, but there is more needed for ample conversing.  How so you might ask, when these are all certified words in language and guaranteed ways to talk to Him?  The answer is quite simple.  Your language to God is displayed and not relayed.  It is what you do which holds far greater weight than what you say.

What does the language scale say?

How much sleep have you gotten for yourself over time with God?  Did you choose to sleep instead of worshipping, fellowshipping, or serving Him?  How much time does God get from you?  Consider how much sitting and thinking of Him does He get from you?  How often have you sat and watched a movie without moving and gave it all of your attention?  Have you ever watched it twice or more than twice?  Even though you knew the plot, the characters, and the lines, you still gave it your time, thoughts, attention, and maybe your money.  Nothing about the movie would be different from the last time, but you soaked it in as if it was the first.

What is your verdict?

If you were surveyed, would the conclusion be that God has gotten as much out of you as your others affections?  How much service does God get from you?  Work asks for, requires, and expects 40 hours per week or more.  If they demand more, it is given.  It may be given with complaint and sluggishness, yet it is still given.  You think about the check, the benefits, and the fact you want to return the next day, week, month, and years.  It does not matter how long you work at a job, eventually that time will be over.  If it does not end the way you want it to, what would your language be to God then?  God should be priority, not triviality.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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