Milk, Or More?

The origin of the milk

There is a saying, or a slogan, “Milk does the body good!”  That milk came from an animal that eventually got slain.  Did the animal do something wrong?  No would be a good guess.  Did the animal say I do not want to do this anymore?  No should be a pretty accurate answer again.  Did the animal try not to produce?  The answer is probably a solid no to that one too.  Nonetheless, somebody thought, or knew it was time to slay it.

 From milk to the more

The once useful cow can no longer provide milk, but she can provide a heftier meal to those who need more.  In retrospect, she can do more than she did before after being struck.  As she lived, the cow probably didn’t know how much more she would do after she’d produced her share of milk.  Had she still been living, she would have benefited those needing milk, but she would not have filled the appetites needing or wanting more than.

Be more than milk

Oftentimes in life, we feel we are doing all the service we can.  In that doing, we are okay with it because we can see the results of what we do.  Interestingly enough what we are doing is only a small glimpse of the enlarged portrait of our ability.  We have to get hit, hurt, hurdled, and halted before we really give the best of what we are.

 Multiply from the hit

The title of this writing is Milk or More.  The three first letters are synonymous, as they spell out MOM. The cow that produces is a mom.  The object of her life is to be productive and therefore she feeds and strengthens, then is butchered so many more can eat from her.  Her ending may not have been what she predicted, but her ending is the beginning of life for the next.  This is why we many times feel as if we are losing, when in fact, what we are doing is expending so the next will live.  That’s more than sipping milk.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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