Opinion vs. Perception

What opinions are

Opinions are a dominant form of self-expression.  Opinions are easily spoken and can be in the right context or totally out of line.  This depends on the person, their understanding, how they choose to see, and their mentality.  When opinions stew in the mind then exit from the lips, they are their own employee, supervisor, speed limit, law, ingredient, and finished product.  In simple context, they are a package into one that carries their own rule.

You want the truth about opinions?

Opinions do not have to be true to be spoken.  Again, they are an expression.  Their weight can be as heavy as an anvil or as light as clothing fiber.  Perception has a variance.  Perception can be opinionated or based purely on facts.  Opinions derive from the source, but perception is created from the viewing of the source.  A perception can be skewed based on the opinion formed of the source.  A perception can further be coerced by word or action, or strictly made up.

What do you do?

This is where the conundrum lies, do you express your opinion because you want to or can, or do you put more cognizance into the perception from the expression?  What you see can be the opposite of what you think it is.  Your perception can be a misconception.  In certain places in your life and positions you are in, you have to monitor what you spew.  Though you may have the grounds to, every word you speak does not have to be, especially when they will bring more damnation than elevation.  Your words represent you and give the hearer the right and opportunity to form their own opinion, even if it is not what you would prefer.

Choose the look you receive

Certain positions require holding your tongue when you want to unleash it.  What you say may cause you to feel powerful, but you must be wary not to put your focus on the strength you can display, but the respect you can lose.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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