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The Option

Giving up is an option, and many times it will look to be the most viable option when looking at current circumstances. It isn’t until that period has passed that you realize you had a lot more fight in you than you cared to notice. Or, you cared, but you would not allow yourself to pay attention to it. Options give choices. When deciphering the option of continuing or stopping, think about a menu. There are items that are a guaranteed no, you will not order. There are items you may consider ordering, and then there are the items that are a yes; you will order. If there is an item on your yes list that you have not eaten, you will give it a chance anyway.

Giving the chance

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The places you choose to eat can have an intricate menu with so many choices you have never heard of. You may see another patron with one of those items, and your nose leads your curiosity to be piqued. If there is a photo of an item, you may edge a little closer to ordering and experiencing. If the server is good and gives specific recommendations, you will gravitate a little more towards seeing how good it really is. Consider either of the scenarios. With the options, your pick may have been to see how well the item lives up to the smell, sight, or recommendation.

Go to tomorrow’s menu

Now consider this. If you will give a meal a chance, why not give your tomorrow a chance? Why pick over it so suddenly? Your future should be just as, or more appealing than food. Besides, your future has a longer span to satisfy you than any meal. Why shoot down your future before experiencing how delectable it can be? Is what you can indulge in and get filled from your future not more meaningful and savorier than a current meal? What’s ahead should be enticing. Don’t give up on it.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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