Child Support

 The support should be a joy

For some non-custodial parents, hearing that they must pay child support is a blow that leaves them unhinged. Instead of child support, they would prefer to be deaf when those words are said or blind when they read the order. For these, they lack the desire to be responsible. Or there is so much hate or disdain with the custodial parent that it trickles to the child or children who are innocent. They never asked to be here. They cannot take care of themselves. Therefore, when an order is made for the parent to receive x amount of support it should be swallowed with gladness instead of taken in anger. It should be a joy to give financially to take care of a seed that was created.

Child support should be automatic

Child support is said to be money that is paid, and that should not be. A parent does not pay to take care of a child they created. There is an obligation attached to the creation, planned or not. Parenthood is expensive whether living with the child or not. Any parent who does not physically see or care for their child daily should be happy to give over money to assist with living expenses. But as we know, that is not always the case. Seldom it is, but a parent should not have to be told, forced or ordered to fulfill an obligation. The child is owed.

 Don’t miss the meaning for the money

For those who have an obligation for child support, do not let the vexation of the money cause you to miss out on your child’s life. Think beyond the money. That child of yours need more than financial support. That child needs your support of encouragement, visits to schools, cheering them on in extracurricular activities, helping the with difficult homework, giving them dating tips, protecting them, teaching them, guiding them, and introducing them to Christ. If all you think about is the money aspect and the parent you would rather not see, you miss the support you are supposed to give.

In the latter years

When your child or children get older, you cannot expect them to support you when you need it when you disregarded them. As an adult they are not obligated to do for you. You were. If they did not get the best of you, truthfully you cannot expect the best of them. If they give it, they do so by choice and not necessity.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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