That’s What They Said

The foundation

In a lifetime, there are scores of people to give instructions, directions, wisdom, preferable wording, truths, illicit words, speeches, talks of comfort or inspiration and anything else; you name it. From the womb people are telling you something. Throughout your life, you will be told something. Unless you die in a solitary place, up until you pass away you will be told something. The fact is you do not know everything. You were given a measure of vocabulary and insight at birth, but what you were given had to be built upon.  This is the role so many have played such as parents, relatives, acquaintances, teachers, spiritual leaders, lovers, community leaders, coaches, even enemies, etc. Each have been vital to your growth today.

The bond with people matters

Many on this list you hold or have held in high regard. Because of a relationship, you took more from them than you did some others. And there is nothing wrong with that, when you come to know they are genuine in who they are, authentic in their desires for your life, and the words they speak are meant to help you to grow and to become who and what you are meant to be. From those are those words you hang onto and treat them as the precious commodity they are.

The difference in the two

When you gain a level of wisdom, you realize there are two sectors of “they.” First, you understand you have the “they” who did not mean you well. You may not have known it at the time because you were in awe or under rule and therefore you soaked in what they spewed. Secondly, you conceive there are the “they” who have cared about what they sowed into you. They gave you words that were a compass and not misdirection, words that inspired altitude and not anger, words that lifted you and not lead you to think less, words that catapulted and not crushed.

The tag team – who are your people?

Many are proud to repeat what “they said.” In their minds, what they said were golden tickets. Hence the beauty and relevance of wisdom and discernment. Oh, if everyone had them.  With this tag team, you will know what is worth it and not. And you will now when these two convey to you, they are noting the truth and you can proudly repeat what they told you!


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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