Entangled Roots

The choice of plants

Buying plants to plant is an interesting process.  Choosing the right plants can be a chore; configuring the right one for the right location.  The goal is to have a match to compliment the area whether placing them inside of the house, on the outside, or in an office.  Plants are beautiful.  Choosing which one will bring out the interior look or the outside scenery is integral for presentation is key.

 The relation to plants

More than we know, our lives are more similar to plants than we would care to think.  God has planted us in the area He knows our gifts, talents, personalities, work ethics, and abilities will be the most useful.  Countless others should bloom because of us.  We have to know we cannot provide for ourselves.  We need His provisions continually to sustain and survive.  A plant needing the nurture and care of its caregiver is nothing without him, and as long as it does not resist his care its life will be fruitful.

What do the roots of plants look like?

Because the roots are so intertwined, complete delicacy is required when planting or repotting.  They are tight, hugged together and almost balled up.  Those roots at times can be difficult to pull part without causing damage.  They have lived congealed and are almost comfortable in that state.  They unknowingly start to conform to it.  They are stuck because they are used to being in the confined space with no room to grow about.

Am I out of the pot?

Today, look at yourself?  Are you still in your original stock pot?  There are areas designated to push you to grow, blossom and bloom, but have you been repotted or replanted in them?  If you are not careful you can be rooted and accustomed to being confined that you rarely realize it and how you need out.  Your plans, thoughts, and actions will all seem to run together and lead to nowhere.  And this is how you do not expand.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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