Cereal companies

With toys, cereal companies have a way of reeling children in. They connect to areas of life that are necessities to children, eating and playing in whichever order. The object is to stimulate excitement in them which equates to spending by their caretakers. Every box may not contain a toy, which induces the want, and increases the spending to get the prized box.


You should often wonder, where did your child-like zest go? Where did your ability to believe that every box you had would yield the grand prize go? Where did your hope and belief go, period? It is obvious you may not have spent the money for the cereal, in contrast you were willing to go through every box if you had to, particularly if you could? Evidently you believed, and that belief gave you a hunger much different form that of your stomach. You developed a hunger for goals, achievements, perseverance, and celebrations.

Toys and prizes

Every cereal box did not guarantee a prize, above all, life does. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bash for I love cereal. What the cereal box did was psychologically got you to believe in every box. Every step of your life you should give that same belief. There are prizes along your journey that are only for you, set in place by God only, how astounding is that? What you cannot do is let the time you’ve spent, the money you’ve spent, or the energy you have spent sour your mood. Each of them combined can lead you to think you will not capture a single prize, albeit you will. Consequently, you never will if you give up, so why not give up your will to quit? After it, you can give up the doubt of your belief. Doubt is not a prize to be toyed with.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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