Say what you say

When it comes to language, profanity can be called profane words, expletives, Sunday School words, cursing, Bad English, or as the good folk in the country say, cussin’. Because of rights, the profanity language is offensive to some and therefore shut out from certain places and events. Profanity-laced conversations and statements are used to evoke power and are a way to get a strong point across. Profanity is further meant to demean the recipient of such “kind” words. Those words are remembered but the effects last longer.

Steer away

For those not a fan of profanity, they try to steer away from it in day-to-day talk, music, television and music, and in readings. Many get offended when hearing or reading such austere language usage. Not to mention the way the person or people are looked at for their speaking, distance is put between them and disassociation occurs.

 What about you to you?

If you are not a curser, how do you feel when someone curses you? Never mind hearing it aloud when you do not wan to, but when the words of force are directed at you? Do you get angry, defensive and want to shoot back and fight? Do you cry, or want to? Or do you look for someone to handle them for you? Do you walk away as if nothing just happened? Or do you walk away to keep the peace in an already volatile situation? Whatever your reaction or action, what has happened to you is not the worst.

The real, realization

You think when someone else speaks detriment to you, they hurt you. And I will not disagree, but I do not agree they are the primary source of your hurt and hinderance. The worst is what you say to you. You may feel that because you do not curse at yourself with inappropriate words you are not doing more to you than the next. You try to dress up what you do and downcast another. When you look at yourself negatively, say damaging words, or don’t say enough uplifting words you are profaning you. And you think someone else can do worse?


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