Your J.O.Y.- Job on You

The job

The hardest job you will have today will also be your most accomplished when completed, even if not completed today. That job is overcoming everything you want to change about you to adore you. Money can’t do it, influence can’t do it, fans can’t do it, compliments can’t do it, likes can’t do it, engulfing yourself in company won’t do it, and degrading yourself certainly won’t. Your choice of action should be to accept and appreciate you for you without outside help.

The job to be like

There are so many outside of your eyes who would love to be you. There are many who see you and are in awe of you and cannot fathom how and why you do not. If they could be you and do the job, they would do it for you, but they cannot. It is on you to take everything about you, you want to change, and change every way you see you. You are not defected; you are Godly designed. You are a replica of a being of greatness, so be the greatness.

Just up

Not everyone gets to see the real you. That’s right, you can be an openly honest person, but not everyone sees you in between awakening and getting dressed, then stepping out to bless the world with your presence. The you before you park in front of the mirror is the real you. That is the person you chop down. That is the person you disrespect, but that also is the person you must accept and appreciate. You can only alter so much before you ruin the garment or render it unwearable. Then you lose the joy of having it. You cannot afford to lose the joy of your life. You are way too precious and priceless! Repeat!

Raw look

I specifically took this picture without a haircut, being clean shaven, anything done to my hair, without my typical long-sleeved shirt and vest dress, and after my morning jog and workout. This is the real me I have had to fight to admire. I know what it is like to wrestle with the person you want to change so much about, and to lose the majority of those rounds. I still have bouts but cannot be so beaten that I do not win in life. You can win too. Well, actually, you are already winning. You are winning because you are thinking of what you have done to you, and what you now need to do for you.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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