Make the call

A referee will always make a bad call.  Not that it isn’t the right call, because it can be 100% accurate, but because the opposition will always chide about it to them it will be wrong.  The call didn’t go their way so they lash out about it.  If the referee does not know his craft and the value of what he says, he will be swayed by the boos and discontent that screams at him.  He is the authority.  Even with the knowledge, if the referee does not believe in himself he will doubt every call he makes.  His name and reputation will not be stellar or worth believing in.

Gear up for the doubters

As a go-getter, as one who is hungry, as one who has seen enough of your existing life, you are automatically in referee status.  There are decisions you are currently making and will make that are unfamiliar to the masses.  To them, you make life seem unfair.  They do not know your endgame, neither do they get while you are pushing feverishly.  They would rather think you are awkward than to understand you are making the same point of becoming the better they can too.

Rise above ’em

The disgruntled, and those with low to no ambition will always find reason to speak ill of those of us who are ambitious.  Do you crumble in light of what they say?  Rather, do you nod in agreement and bow in respect of them saying you are making a bad call?  Better yet, do you get defensive and know you need to do something about it?  Or do you play it cool and say thank you for those enchanting words and statements because they still will not stop you?

Know you, and know what you want

A referee has to be numb to the onslaught of sideline geniuses.  They all think they know what is best, but if they did, they obviously would be calling the game and not observing it.  Anybody can talk from the sideline or the stands.  The fewer number of officials hold more power than the many of them who spectate, and they have to know it.  You have to know too that you are more than their meager and plentiful words.  How often do you put yourself in the referee shoes that do not line up with everyone else’s vision for you?  You should do so constantly. Your vision doesn’t have to be theirs.  If it is, they should be you.  If it is, they will do more and will surpass you.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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