My Disposition

With my disposition, I am in position to see more of you than what you can. I do not judge you.  The reason is, I choose not to because unlike you and all around you I know there is no gain in it.  I am not here to push you down, beat you down, bury you, or walk over you.  My purpose, if but for one simple reason, is to see the better of you that you refuse to.

Time for Change?

Sometimes I think you refuse to, and then again, I think you are afraid to.  Other times I think you do not want to, and then again I think you look at all of your faults and feel you have let yourself down. When you do so, you simply choose not to see the better.  I truly wish you would not do that and I pray that you would change.  But until then I will still admire you even though you are marred.

I look at you and I see all you were born to be. You were not born to be hard on yourself.  You were not born to think because your background and backstory is similar to another, your life is supposed to mimic theirs.  Neither were you not born to feel as if everyone else’s life and their accomplishments should overshadow you.  Rest assured I know this about you, but I want you to know this about you.

I am the One

I want you to know; better yet, I need you to know I am a fan. I am your biggest fan.  Your ultimate cheerleader.  The one who never sees you as a failure for I am the one built to encourage you no matter how hard you fall.  I am the one to get you to see all the good that is designed to come out of and from you.  I am the part of you that does not die in your defeat.  My joy is in still looking at you the same and praying you will eventually do as I do.

Understand I am soldered to you.  Like it or not, I cannot run away.  Though you may want to run away from you and run away from life in general, I am stuck to you. And you know what?  I do not mind it at all.  You can say I am a stalker, you can say I have issues, but the only issue I have is you not seeing you.

Trust God

So why not trust me to see to it you climb your greater glory.  I will still be with you if you decide not to, but I truly hope you will.  Because remember, I know all about you.  I have never shamed or embarrassed you.  I have never told your business.  So you can believe in me as I believe in you.  Who am I?  I am your reflection.  I am that reflection God expects you to see when you look at you.  He does.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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