Relationships = Relation-Ships

That is no lie

Relationships are only as good as the honesty put into them.  That goes for your personal, your social, your business, and the one overlooked is your relationship with yourself.  The greatest need of honesty is of course in your relationship with God.  Lies are readily available, easy to bring into a relationship, and are plentiful.  They are treated as if they have been manufactured, shipped, and placed on a shelf to be picked.  Whenever you need one, or rather, if you may want one, they are readily there.  They do not cost you upfront, but they cost a heck of a lot over time.

Relationships vs. Lies

In your most solid relationship, think about how often God has lied to you.  I promise you won’t think long because lying isn’t in His pedigree.  He places such a high value on you and His relationship that He does not tempt it with lies.  That means, wherever you feel slighted right now, God cares enough to take care of you.  In however way you are hurt, God cares enough to comfort and heal you.  For whatever needs you feel you lack, God is obligated to provide them for you.  The lie to think otherwise comes from the look that life is not working in your favor.  Your relationship with the Almighty should tell you otherwise.

Ships in relation

There are two words in this one word, relation and ships.  Ships sail much better and perform their duty in the area of their relation, the water.  If you see ships anywhere else, they are not attempting to move about, carry passengers, or carry goods.  Water to ships is equivalent to truthfulness to relationships.  Bonds in life steer into relationships. They navigate smoother and better when they are created in the honesty they should have been created in.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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