Meet the Requirement(s)

Response on command

There are always requirements, or a requirement for everything.  Trees grow leaves, produce foods, provide shade and lumber.  Air blows.  Phones give way to communicate.  Buses transport passengers.  Competitors compete.  Candy provides enjoyment.  Rain falls.  Mops clean.  Lawmakers enact laws.  Factories create.  Roller coasters provide entertainment.  Teachers change lives.  Bedtime stories soothe.  Dominant male lions protect.  Farmland grows what gets harvested.  Television sets display.  Music enlivens, educates, and calms.  Jacuzzis relax.  Ice keeps cold.

Not out of place

There are hundreds of examples demonstrating where requirements are filled, and that list can go on and on.  Human or not you realize everything under God’s sun responds specifically to why it was uniquely designed; everything responds to its reason for existence.  Do you?  And being human, you learn the usefulness of meeting the requirement(s) of your life from human and nonhuman forms.  After learning you operate in your required area, you do not miss opportunity, waste time, or suffer failure.  Neither do you wander about wondering what you should do.  You virtually perform and produce automatically without any added thought.  And you are effective in doing.  You give yourself no other choice and hold you accountable to ensure you are doing and not dimming.  

The requirement of the other you

After holding yourself accountable, you recognize there is a greater version of you ahead.  You lean of his dependence on you and the fact that his range of influence in the future hinges upon you doing your part today.  You see, you do not want to be the loosen or missing link hindering your own life’s progress.  If you are not cautious you can and will.  Blame is a tough pill to swallow and hard to recover from if you slip.  Do know, you are not a frail individual who cannot do your part and accomplish.  You are a certified, God-created behemoth with hands that turns to gold whatever you touch.

Your requirement of boldness

This should be a daily, instant, and constant thought you possess.  You never want it to be you.  You never want to be the one who does not have what you need together.  Get bold enough to look in the mirror to see where you are falling short in performing and be truthful.  Afterwards acknowledge and be intentional in improving what you saw.  The title of this writing is Meet the Requirement(s).  Meet can mean to introduce, or to complete.  Maybe you need to meet your life’s requirements face to face.  And after you have met and become acquainted with them you will learn your what to and how to with them. 

Be cordial, be forgiving, be intentional, be productive, be loving, be astute, be at peace, and live happily.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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