An adjustment

An adjustment is what to you? A problem, an answer, or a solution? Is it a temporary change that will permanently change you? Is it more than what you want? Probably so for most. Life will always bring differences in what you have planned. How well you choose to adjust will tell how well you handle the differences, or how well they handle you. One will always be the greater. Adjustments are common. What shouldn’t be so common is your same response that pushes you further in the ground or further from your destiny. Think growth, not grounded.

Up or down response

Adjustments require a response, in which you mentally choose and physically perform. Without trying, you actually practice responding daily without giving considerable thought to it. Whether it is altering lunch plans, changing lanes while driving, or picking another outfit, you are responding. Whether it is changing the radio station or TV channel, choosing to not speak because you can, you are making adjustments. Opting to sleep longer or to eat more is an adjustment. On top of those doings, you probably shift your attitude while doing either, which illustrates yet another response.

Your feelings towards them

Since you have been making adjustments your entire life, why not make the adjustments to shift your entire life. Not only is the choice yours, but the power within is yours too and will work if you divulge it. Whatever way you want your life to go, it is determined first by how you perceive the shift. The shift is something you should not fight with. After perception comes the intentional actions to make it be. Why not make this your adjusting day if every adjustment you made today was done to be favorable for you. Make it a point from this one forward to adjust how/where you should in your favor?



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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