Can a button be pushed?

How incomplex is it to restart, or is it?  How much of an inconvenience it is to restart?  Is it?  When the dryer has timed but your clothes are still damp, you do not panic.   Instead, you simply restart it to finish the job it was made to do.   You do not discard your garments or place the dryer beside the road to be collected, because neither measure is needed.  What about your phone or computer system?  God knows they can get on your nerves when they restart on their own, or need to be when they prompt.  Do you go out and purchase another because you could not finish what you were doing?

Time to refresh

Life is so simple that you have made it complicated because something did not go your way.  You plummeted when you did not get what you wanted, or you fell short when you thought you had a sure shot.  Regardless of your age, you have lived long enough to know life will go against the grain sometimes more than with.  You might cry, breakdown, lose some sleep, need to talk, but you refresh yourself and keep going.  Many days you have had more against you than with you.


With the many against, neither are reasons to trash your life and throw out your beliefs of what you can do.   You simply need to restart your life.  Just like that show you rewatch, the song you listen to again, or message you have read hundreds of times.  What’s funny is that show, song, or message will not change, so the feeling you get will always be the same no matter how exuberant it is.  You can however change how you feel about you and your life to get a completely different ending.  You also don’t have to wait for catastrophe to prompt you to.  Just do it anyway.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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