Ripped Jeans

Worn out

Do you remember a time when ripped jeans were not a fashion item?  Being old and worn out they were not the first choice.  They were worn in the house and out in the public too for those who could not afford new jeans.  Denim patches were ironed over the rips and tears.  Or, they were worn while house cleaning or while working outside.  During that time ripped jeans were not considered cool or cultural and they were not worn for showcasing.  Today, they are popular and make a statement of boldness, style, assurance, and sexiness.  Wear ‘em well!

No rip in the price

You can rip your own jeans and showcase your designer talents or you can purchase them that way.  It may be surprising to learn what ripped jeans will cost you if you are not familiar already.  They may look incomplete, but they cost just as much or more than the stitched.  The less of the fabric does not cause them to cost less.  Their design and flair cause them to hold their value to those who do not mind paying.  You get what you want and pay accordingly.

The rips in life

See these jeans as parallel to your life.  See something that once was not iconic, but now is.  You may think the rips of your life have rendered you invaluable, but they make you the exact opposite.  The rips raise you.  They do not decrease your value.  With every rip, you still hold superior value and are worth just as much as the moment you entered this world.  Therefore, rip the thoughts that you are less than.  Rip the momentum that has you speedily thinking something is wrong with you.  Intentionally rip the stigmas placed on you by others or those you have placed on yourself.  If jeans can be more, why not you? Do you not see yourself as more than clothing?



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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