What happens?

The mind in the body is a dominant tool.  The body seems to think on its own but it reacts to the mind.  When cohesively employed, the mind and the body respond to routine.  This is why you wake up when you want to sleep, drive in a direction you did not plan to go, and think certain thoughts while in certain areas.  You may not have wanted to, but the going along with is natural from previous experiences.

What do you do?

That routine followed is born from exposure.  Constant exposure migrates to retention.  The more you do, the more you are subjected to do without being nudged, without being told, or even trying to purposely.  The doing becomes the norm.  Early exposure leads to ensuing execution.  What you do becomes second nature. You become conditioned to doing.

What if you did?

What if you decided today to fully commit yourself to being who you were born to be?  I am not talking about the child you were born to be from your mother and father.  I am not referring to your profession.  Neither am I speaking of the various roles you play or the areas you have chosen to serve.  What I am speaking of is the exceptional, one of a kind ruler of the world you create within this world. 

What will you be?

Every person is given the gift of time with opportunity.  You must program yourself to know you were created to be big – yep, that big!  You are not here to be just a member of life.  Nor are you here to have a life of your own outside of everyone else and not confined in their shadows because you see them as massive.  You are too.  We all bleed.  We each breathe the same air.  What should differentiate you is if you make your life one that is both respected and celebrated.  If your current direction does not give prosperous direction or lead you to it, reroute your route.  It isn’t too late to change courses, neither is it too late to routinely make pondering a wise choice.  It is your life, but where do you want your path to lead you?


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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