Am I Worth the Pay?

Choose what you are willing to pay

For open, general admission, or events with the absence of pay, seats are open to any who attend.  Seats cannot be held or reserved because there is no stake placed in them to hold them.  There cannot be.  Because of, if there is a place you desire to sit you have to arrive early, on time, and/or ahead of the crowd.  On the other end of the proscenium, the payment of a seat, gives a security in knowing no one can take your place.  Therefore, if you choose to be late, there are no worries.  If you choose to not show up at all, that slot is still yours and unoccupied.  Regardless of when you arrive, that seat cannot be commandeered by anyone.  Your pay has given yourself the right to it.

Hang on (to your seat)

There is a saying that you have to pay to play.  Though that may be true, you also have to pay to stay.  To earn your spot as the select, amongst being one of, if not the greatest ever to do what you do, there will take unending sacrifices and dedication.  You should be so stuck on growing and becoming the you, you are supposed to be that you will stick like a bug on your windshield.  When you stop the bug is still hanging on.  Gusts of wind did not force it to let go.  It paid the price by hanging on when it had every reason to let go.

The return

Don’t let go.  If you do, you will land in a place with a different scenery that is unlike where you were and what you planned for.  You will be out of resources too and force to start over and make waves in a strange domain.  For whatever it is you want or want to be, keep reminding yourself you are closer to it this minute than you were the last. That should let you know you are worth it!



– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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