See It Before You See It

Do you see it yet?

An artist sees the finished picture to be drawn or painted in its entirety before beginning.  An architect sees the finished build before sketching.  A quarterback sees the play unfold, including what the defense will do before the snap.  Lions see the prey downed before they strike out at it to power it down.  What is the point?  How does this relate to you?  The answer is simple, because it is faith.  This is what faith looks like.  Faith is already knowing and being so assured that you can taste, sense, and feel the results you are going to see.

Yep, you see it…

Faith is knowing it has to manifest because you see it so strongly.  It will take longer, but it still has to.  What you are doing is virtually commanding your faith to work for you even though you work to get it and have it perform.  Outside voices do not matter.  Those low on belief cannot whisper in your ear, let alone speak into it.  You block out any distractions that can cause you to think less in the slightest way.  You know what God has told you and you stand assured because His track record has proven He does not lie, neither will He disappoint.

You’re too faith-filled to be fear-filled

Do not be afraid to paint a picture of the outcomes of your life.  Draw them boldly in your mind then advertise them greater when they materialize.


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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