Where is it?

Strength does not come in a package to order.  He is not in the circulars and on sale this week to go and purchase.  Strength is not like the coin you walk by and pick up off the street.  Neither is he sought and found like an Easter egg.  Strength is not wrapped prettily, presented, and then opened like a Christmas or a birthday gift.  He does not hide or dodge as if he is playing a kid’s game.  He is too grown.

What does it take?

Strength is not only a physical factor that can be gained and enhanced via workout.  It is almost comparable to financing a vehicle or a house for a period, and sometimes a long period.  It takes working for and on him every day to be able to maintain and to keep him.  If not, he will get away.  Strength needs relevance and thrives off of knowing his importance.  His carrier’s attention is good for him.  Don’t let him feel less than.

Is he worth it to you?

Strength has a standard and does not come easily.  If he did, he would be more costly later to hold onto.  If that were the case, he would not be authentic.  Strength does what he needs to, to ensure you have him.  He knows his worth and knows that, in order to keep him you have to put in the effort.  He will not beg you to, but will boldly offer.  Those efforts may not be delighting, and they may be draining, but they will prove to be necessary if you plan to stay the course.

Strength wants you

When you grasp the concept of strength, he wraps around you like a coat.  He has no problem with enticing you to hold on to him when you have him.  For by holding on, you not only have him, but you benefit from him.  Strength knows you need him more than you think you do.  That is why he requires more out of you, and perhaps more than the other folk who merely appear to have him.  That person was once you. Strength wants you to recognize his value.

Believe it, he’s good for you

Strength is psychological.  By the time you realize his value, you have grown more than by just a little bit.  Your roots have reached further into life’s soil and your growth is almost unexplainable.  And to think, before you knew him personally, you did not know how much of a factor he could be to you!  Simply speaking – you did not know how strong you were!


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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