Strong but Weak

Are you strong?

What’s strong about you can also be what makes you weak.  Yes, strength can be a weakness.  You look at every one of your strengths, work on them to make you stronger, but you still can lack.  The visual in the mirror, the compliments from others, and the internal force you are gives you colossal power.  Or do they?  Are you still vulnerable?

Are you enhanced?

Gyms, home workout videos and home gym systems and equipment are profitable and significant for the utilities they provide.  Hours are spent polishing the body to enhance and to make it better.  Furthermore, your mind is enhanced as your body progresses.  You can take pictures and admire yourself when you have put in the work.  You should be proud and can gloat if you’d like.  All of this is good for you, but it is good enough to take on life?  The quick, solid, and honest answer is no!

See where you are weak

The one muscle that needs toning to make you a powerful person is your heart.  Not in the sense of preventing a heart attack, but in the sense of not succumbing to your emotions.  When you care, caring makes you strong, but can make you weaker than wet 1-ply tissue.  Those who pull at and come at you can see the softness of your heart better than you can.  That is why they know how to approach you, when, and how to alter their face and voice to match.  They know the exact words to speak to break you down and cause you to give in.

Care with caution

I am not saying to not care.  Not enough is displayed but to care is human.  Care, care big, and do much good in your lifetime.  What I am saying is to be considerate of what is being asked of you and what is taken from you.  Some of the main people who pull from you will never seek to put in you.  It’s not that they do not have the chance or capacity, but they are more satisfied with getting than giving.  So many have become bitter in life and with life.  They have because they would not control their ability to not give in and they gave out.  They became sad and depleted individuals.

The stopping point

Don’t let someone else’s continual commanding cause you to continually commiserate to them.  You will sleep better by not being 100% available 100% of the time than you would by being 100% accessible.  You were born to care.  But you must know you were never meant to get caved or to be conquered.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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