The lugging effect

A taxi is a vehicle owned by one to shuttle another.  The one driving the taxi has no rights over, or probably a connection with the passengers, and there isn’t a binding relationship between them.  The interaction is business only to travel from one place to the next, for after the ride the interaction ends.  When it does, the driver is on to the next customer and the passenger to another taxi or another destination.  They each meet new people as they journey.

How your life relates?

What is your life to you?  In what areas do you treat like a cab and not a commitment?  Those areas are not going to change for your better until you abandon the hit it and quit it mentality and treat them better than you previously have.  Those areas need respect, and of course you will say you are not a gigolo or a cougar so you don’t dare act that way.  And you may not with sensual relationships but you do when it relates to you.

Relationships to nurture

There are multiple relationships within you that have to be constantly cultivated and cared for.  Such relationships are: your ideas and execution, your self-belief and never die attitude, prayer and focus, acknowledging who has inspired you and showing gratitude, moving feet and a vision, wisdom and common sense, positive affirmations and goal-writing, being realistic and being a supporter of others, exercise and mental well-being.  Any of these relationships or a combination needs to meet if they have not already.

Relationships to neglect

You cannot omit the relationships to abandon: your ego and laziness, finger pointing and excuses, thinking you are not good enough and forfeiting before you can finish, your unproductive past and the need to hold on to it, disobedience to God and your want to act your own way.  These all need to be placed in a cab with an advanced fare paid to go far away from you.  They do not lead to green pasture or a promised destiny.  So today, what will you be willing to pay the fare for?  Either you pay the fare to set them sailing, or you pay the fine for continuing to stay with them.



– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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