The Beauty of Your Business

Important matters first

The beauty of minding your own business is that it compels you to look at yourself.  Minding your business is akin to looking in a mirror.  This action leads you to the honesty that will free, then empower you. There is work that leads to that empowerment that later matriculates into a constant smile.  Nosy people rarely smile for long periods of time.  Think about it.  They get a quick jolt from knowing everyone else’s business….and then what?  Then what?  What is to be gained from it after that quick high?

Nosy people

If you know the nosy, you know they do not put time into others, they rather, unproductively invest it.  They seemingly put more into others than they do themselves, but nothing good comes from it.  The nosy forfeit their gift of time for actions that will never enhance their lives.  They refuse to realize this is a shame and disgrace towards the One who gave time to them.  What they do does nothing for the one they want to know about.  And in their minds, they can validate what they do.  What a shame!

Business to business

Make you your business if you want to grow and live prosperously.  Make you your priority to advance you further than you ever have before.  You can go further, and you therefore should.  Reward yourself with the distance you go so you will appreciate you.  Invest time into you.  You will thoroughly smile because you gave you precedence over studying someone else whom you cannot grow or be.  How often do you see businesses giving more props to other businesses over themselves?  They cannot survive if another business gets more of their attention than they.  You too will suffer if you think being nosy has worth to it.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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