The Bladder!

Time’s up

The bladder takes what was once good to the taste and holds it until releasing.  When the once satisfactory substance gets to the bladder, it is much different from the initial intake.  It is unsatisfactory and soon to be unwelcomed.  The bladder knows when it is time to let go of what was put into it.  It may have willingly accepted or it may have received without its consent.  Either way, the bladder recognizes what is hazardous to it and when it has had enough of it.  Hence the realization.

Let it go

Think about how wise an interior body part is.  It recognizes what is damaging and will only carry it for so long before it yells for relief.  When relief is slow about appearing, the bladder signals it is ready to get it out and will tolerate no more.  This is what we call getting into a tight.  The bladder does not like to be partnered with junk and an anchor and will let go.  It will rather remain without than to be attached to what will deteriorate and destroy it.

 What’s your deposit?

Unnecessary thoughts will knock on the wall of your mind.  They will seek to persuade you as to why you are not good enough, why you should not, and why have you put forth the effort you have thus far for nothing.  Just because they knock does not mean you have to deposit them into the home of your mind.  Unnecessary people will appear to be significant but they eventually show themselves as refuse.  What they feed you is waste.  What you should do is not waste time and waste yourself away with them either.  Recognize due dates and release whatever is wasteful.  People included.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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