The Bond With The Bed

Where is it?

After what we consider is a long day, or we have had a draining time, we immediately look for our bed; sometimes the shower first.  A recliner or a sofa is good, but the bed is the ticket.  The bed is the place to take us away.  ​A bed is almost a sacred place.  We spend hours indulging in its warmth, comfort, and peace.  The bed is the place to rest and forget about whatever is ailing or happening in the great big world around it.  It is also a place to hide from the pressures and stressors of life.

I don’t have to do anything

The bed is a getaway that seizes our responsibility, for it has the ability to sway our decisions.  At decision-making time, once we have “slept on it,” the decision we need to make could be very different from what it was before.  And that difference does not necessarily mean better.  If a decision needs to be made right then, waiting exacerbates the results.

Time to catch up

​A bed is a perfect place to get and stay perfectly behind in life too.  A bed has its usage and times in our lives, but the bond can be so rigid that it sucks us in instead of forcing us to get up and out.  The bed is like a vacuum.  Think about how easy it is to pull an object from a vacuum while it is in use.  To be honest, it is not easy at all.  In fact, we usually do not pull at the same time as the vacuum.  The longer we are glued to our beds, the harder it is to become unattached to it even with our strongest desire.

Unattractive attachment

Bonds are good, but not all bonds are progressive.  If we spend more time in the bed than on being, we will easily see our dreams as nothing but dreams that dissipate and do not develop.  Then it will only be a thought in our heads.  How far does that go?




– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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