The Day’s Approach

They came from the One

​Gifts compliment the person God has made.  The person alone is valuable and worth more than any amount of money because there cannot be a dollar placed on a life.  But the gifts can have an amount and should be used unlimitedly.  They do not need a cap or a ceiling.  They need the world’s atmosphere to roam.

Who is doing what?

Approach each day with the mentality that there is somebody out there with similar gifts who is grinding just as hard to get where you think you want to go.  Emphasis is placed on “where you think,” because if you knew you would already know how extreme the grind has to be.  Monitor your competition.  While you are contemplating there is someone else completing.  Then think, while you are dozing there is someone doing.  While you are procrastinating there is someone propelling.  You punish yourself when you nonchalantly approach the day when the day hits hard enough to force you to push back.  The day is intelligent.

Your people, their moment

Approach each day with the knowledge that this moment may not wait for you, nor will it return to you.  It may but you do not want to depend on a return.  How fast is a moment?  How fast does it take for it to pass?  You may think you have all the time in the world but you do not.  Think about a favorite artist, actor, or actress of yours growing up.  It seemed as if you heard them or saw them all of the time, until… Get it now?  Their moment may have been for a short period or it may have been for years; nonetheless, it passed.  Don’t let the good use of your gifts pass without having a moment.  Your time will expire.  Millions, rather billions already have and you do not have to add to the assemblage.  Approach the day knowing this could be it.

It is all in your approach

Approach each day like a fierce competitor bringing and onslaught of defense.  In a video game, defeating one foe brings another with greater challenging abilities.  Approach each day with intensity, thinking you have just one chance to showcase and reap from all you have worked for.  If you do this every day, every day will keep you hungry, humbled, and hunted.

– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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