The Ego

 What an appetite

An ego has enormous appetite.  All it wants is to be fed.  The ego does not know or understand the boundaries of limits and neither does it care.  All it cares about is eating. An ego will overeat and overindulge at every sitting.  It care less about being top heavy or overweight, neither does it like scales, diet plans, exercise, being or staying fit to be productive; but somehow it is.  It does not like structure, rules, or being told no or what it cannot do.  What’s ironic about it, is though it is a part of you, it operates in a counterproductive state.  You become slower when you get too heavy, but the weightier the ego gets, the more energetic and effective it becomes.  It rages.

How it lives

The mind and the mouth can know when to shut up or shut down but for the ego, never.  It will say keep going and in the direction it has chosen.  Again, it knows no bounds for it has no limits.  It is respectful of none but itself.  It is extremely greedy and demanding.  This raging piece is conceited and likes attention and will cause confusion to get attention and to keep it.  You choose to feed it.  You choose to give it the food and nutrients it needs to get bigger and stronger.  The ego likes the negative for nourishment.  It likes feeling better than and walking over feelings.  An bad boy is heartless.

The effects

The ego will cause help to be refused or an opportunity to be missed.  It will make a normal person feel like a superhero and coerce them to make a bold but unintelligent move.  The ego will cause meaningful relationships to crumble and those closest to walk away.  It will cause unnecessary pain to the most caring and leave the carrier lost and left high and dry.  No one can live life without the assistance of someone, somewhere.  But who wants to stay in company of an ego?


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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