The Exes


Getting in relationships is a part of life.  Getting out of relationships sometimes is too.  When it has faded to the point of not salvaging, it is best to recognize it has dissolved.  Staying detached from the relationship can however be the more difficult task than getting in.  For a while at least because a bond was once built.  It had an emotional connectivity that does not easily brake.  Nonetheless, it is a must to get over your exes for your life ahead.  Know what you shared may have been deep, but it was not deep enough to remain coupled.

The past is not your path

None of us can move forward with a productive future while latched to a disengaged past.  The past has to stay where it is and not revisited.  It cannot exist as if it is the current life and what is needed or wanted.  There may be slight communication with an ex from the onset, but shouldn’t be too much or too deep and heartfelt to resume what has been left behind.  What was left was done with good reason.  Knowing it needs to stay takes time, but the time will be worth it moving forward and by not being paralyzed by it.

The big break

So now, it is time to break up with who you have been bonded with that causes you more heartache than gives you health.  What did not work should be an ex.  Why you did not move forward then should be an ex.  The tendency to quit should be an ex.  Feeling like today would not be a good day to try should be an ex.  The feeling of entitlement should be an ex.  Refusing to see your bright future should be an ex.  Believing every challenge is a reason to stop, and not as fuel should be an ex.  Taking advice from who you once trusted but got burned by should be an ex.  Believing your past is all you have and you should be tied to it should be an ex.  The disbelief that has battered you should be an ex.

It’s thinking time

Be honest and think about all your soon to be exes.  Don’t dwell on thinking of what you had with them, but think about the fact they will be an ex for a reason.  You do not have to answer their call.  You do not have to entertain them.  Though every relationship wasn’t a completely destructive one, there are reasons you need to move on.  You have grown and should be better from it.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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