The Good Life

The beloved

Dogs, much like humans do not get to choose whether they are birthed or not.  There was action between two and voila, a litter of puppies was born.  For some dogs, they live in the covering of luxury.  These pets are cared for, petted, groomed, fed, taken to the vet, played with, travel, and treated as another member of the family.  These members get gifts as any other.  They are loved and know it.

Maybe not as much

Other dogs live the exact opposite of an adorned life.  They scrounge for food, risk getting diseased, fight to survive, risk being harmed, sleep in the elements, and are often seen as threats when they only want food, shelter, and love.  Are they bad because they were not chosen for the superb life?  No they are not.  Neither are you when you feel abandoned or have actually been.

How do you see you?

Until you learn, you see yourself as the “other” who was not given the same latitude to have a decorated life.  You feel you have been slighted and that which is glamorous is not afforded to you.  Please do not feed this lie to yourself.  The “other dogs” cannot go and inhabit the pristine life if they are not chosen.  They cannot walk into someone’s house and receive the benefits of being a family member, but you can far surpass where you are.  Because God created you, He has made you in a supreme nature that can have the life you want.

The beauty of choice

You have the choice and chance to gift yourself with the affluent life you have not previously had.  Once you may not have thought it was possible, but you are not limited by the origin of your birth, what you have not had, the love and support you did not get, or the lack of previous exposure….you only think you are.  You used to be willing to get what you felt you should have but still fell short.  All you have been short on is this belief in you.  Smother yourself with self-belief. That’s only human.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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