The Mirror

Mirror power

You give the mirror power to think you are ugly, less than, or not as jazzy or as fit as you are.  You allow the mirror to be seen as ultrapowerful, which is a piece of glass.  The mirror is not a life form.  It is not something that can talk, think, or even move itself.  A mirror is dispensable, can be shattered; nonetheless, you give it power to dictate how you see and feel about you.  Yoo hoo for the mirror!  What a rush!  Mission accomplished If it had feelings and was made for dictating you.  You helped it to feel like the most confident source sitting atop the world and not you.  But why?

Blinded mirror

A mirror cannot know goodness when it is in front of it.  Mirrors were created to reflect.  They do not have the ability to inspect.  It definitely does not have the means to reject.  When staring at one and feeling inadequate, think about the fact that you allowed an object to cause you to think less strongly of you than you should.  Rather, you accepted it.  You accepted what it showed you from the outside as if the outside is all there is to you.

Get out

Vomit ejects from the inside.  Yes, it is gross, but it heaves whatever does not agree with the system, or has a need to stay in it.  Get gross!  Throw up those unworthy thoughts of yourself.  Throw up what you’ve been told that you know is not true of you, then throw up a history of being berated.  Further, throw up what you have said to yourself that was distasteful.  Lastly, throw up any ideas that you are not attractive intellectually, physically, and spiritually, and replace them with love and companionship.  You want to be a better mate to you than your mirror which needs less of your attention.

Now you see you

Forever know you are smarter and more versatile than a mirror.  A mirror has one function, and you have several.  One of your functions is to be good to you and to not be dissuaded to see yourself in a disparaging manner.  You have a function to respect you, one to uplift you, one to protect you from harmful words.  You have a function to definitely love you along with many others.  Seek them and perfect them one by one.  Now see yourself doing that.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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