The thinking from the thought

Let me think about it

Think about how many products have you bought today?  Then think about how many goods have you purchased, or services have you paid for?  In the last few weeks how many have you purchased?  The last number of months?  How many over the last decade?  How many in your life?  This number can be as small as the head of a match, or as the size of an ocean.  The fact is, you have bought, still buy, and will continue to purchase products that all began as an idea.  It was a thought that multiplied into action and actions that turned to profits.  Unless you stole, there was a profit earned from your purchase.


You have an idea.  Well, you probably have ideas.  You have the thoughts of how it will feel to be “big” one day.  Your hindrance is you continue your struggle of taking one step.  If you have, you took that one and pondered before taking a next.  Not the best idea, but you can get beyond it.  You must digest that a thought is only as good as the work put into it.  A thought needs drive.  Every product you bought today at one time had drive behind them.  Understandably, you should know yours will not be any different.  Get ready to go on the ride of a lifetime.

Think of who will receive

What you have is meant for more than your own brain or your own consumption.  There is a world awaiting you.  Starting out in any profit potential venture is a daring move.  Initially, there are more uncertainties than certainties, but the world is waiting so give you to them.  Be happy with the small success, but not satisfied.  There are some who will mistake your premature success with your predestined success. You cannot let you confuse the two even if they do.

Think of you years from now

Success has to be groomed like the next heir to a thrown.  That heir does not receive the favor of the seat without a period of training, intake, and learning.  When he is ready, he will attain it as success is already there ahead of him.  Don’t be filled by quick bites that don’t equate to steady meals.  Bite but stay hungry!  Yes, you will nibble before you chew, but wisdom teaches what to nibble on and what not to.  Wisdom teaches to be determined not desperate.  Years from now you still want to be raved on and supported, not barely remembered.  Think about that.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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