The Ugly Mirror Truth

What would the survey say?

To take a survey of the men and women who like the mirror would bring astronomical results.  There are many who will smile in front of a camera, laugh and smile in company, but will hide and run away from the mirror.  They see the mirror as an enemy when in fact, the mirror is an ally.  It is a friend.  It is that extra help as in a hand.

What can the mirror do?

The mirror cannot move, place, or adjust itself, which means the user has to do it.  While it is easy to despise the mirror, the disposition does not lie in front of it.  The mirror does not have feelings which means it cannot play favorites, it cannot deceive, it cannot be persuaded, but can only tell the truth.  The mirror cannot talk to tell you whether it approves or disapproves what is before it, but you can!

What do you do to you?

You rip yourself to shreds by using an object that you see as harmful when it is 100% helpful.  A mirror cannot be bribed, begged, or prodded to harm you.  There is no coercion involved to disparage and lie to you.  It urges to help and will not understand why your awkward gazes at it cause you to feel hopeless when you are loaded with hope.  By changing your dispositions, it will save you unwarranted, unproductive, and uncut frustration.

How are you two different?

You see the mirror as a bully when it is not the aggressor.  You are the bully of yourself.  And because you rely more on what you see on the outside of you, there lies the root of the terrorizing bullying.  You should learn you carry more value on the inside, so instead of punishing yourself by fixating on what you see in the mirror, learn to see what your internal mirror sees.  Since you think the mirror on the wall, vanity, or shelf lies look at the unseen mirror of you.  That is when the ugly truth becomes beautiful.

What is the ugly truth?

The ugly truth of the mirror is that you see yourself in a way unbecoming of what you should.  Instead of dodging the mirror, approach it, and confront the person who needs to be shattered like a mirror when it is hit.  The old you has been in pieces long enough so do away with it.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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