So what?

​To live a life carefree of the thoughts and opinions of others is almost a rarity.  It is foreign to some degree.  It doesn’t exist to many.  Each day, millions walk this planet with another person’s eyes and words hanging over their heads.  These individuals are trapped in a vortex because they want to be out, yet they swirl and settle where they are.

To settle, swerve, or stand

They settle because they have not figured out other people’s thoughts and opinions do not matter.  They swirl because they walk in circles trying to figure out why.  What does matter is how they view you in terms of respect.  Do they see how you bring to the table what they do not have?  Also, do they honor your wit and gifts?  Furthermore, do they see how comfortable you are being you, even if it causes disdain to arise in them?  That disdain is nothing more than insecure admiration.

  It’s your life and your want

When you appreciate all that has happened to you that was not what you wanted or projected, you should learn to be unapologetic for seeing life through the lens of victory.  Too many struggle with what others think because they do not see what beat them built them.  Respect should be what you are after; respect to and for yourself, respect for what propelled you, and respect for those who realized it even before you did.  Liking can be battled with, but it is hard to fight respect.


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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