YOUr relation to vehicles

There are certain vehicles on my to-get list in the next couple of years.  Rolls Royce Ghost is one for my wife and I to cruise in, the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera will be our everyday riding vehicles, and a Chevrolet Corvette for some fast fun. Each of these vehicles has a legacy behind them and a cost they are not ashamed of.  Because of their legacy and standing they shouldn’t be.  What has to be understood is, either we spend the money to get them, or we do not.  They are there for a market that will appreciate their value and make the purchase.

 Eval-YOU-ate YOU

When you look at yourself, do you take the time to see they started out just the same?  They had a concept that became a vision, a vision that became a reality, and a reality that became a worldwide phenomenon.  Because they are unapologetic in what they cost to purchase, you should have that same mentality about you and what you give.  You should know that you too are worthy of your charge.  Never allow anyone to cause you to think your quality should cost them less.  They do not approach either of these dealerships looking to pay less.  In fact, they probably do not approach them at all.

Like vehicles, stand boldly for YOU

Personally, I admire automakers such as these listed and others who are dauntless in what they charge for their vehicles.  They do not hide, neither do they fake.  They know their worth due to their history and the future the owners will hold with their buy.  Not everyone will appreciate your boldness and honest assessment of you.  If that means they leave you alone, let them go.  You can’t charge less for high quality and expect to live a highly qualified life.  Quality control should be a part of your brand and business. That does not mean however, they should control the quality of your brand. When they do, you allow them to be the rudder of your ship.  Their actions can lead to guarantee sinking and not soaring.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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