What Governs Your Day?


The day is 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86, 500 seconds, has always been, and will always be.  That means the day is a constant object; a non-changing piece.  If the day does not change and your viewpoint and outlook does, where could the imbalance be?  Deep down as people, we love to cast blame.  Blaming has been done since Eve then Adam as it is humanistic and quick to do.  When we fail to live up to expectations we go into the mode of asking why and pointing out a source.  That source however is not always, and is rarely ourselves.

Here is a question

Do you like to be blamed?  Good answer.  Here is a second question.  Do you like to be the blame all of the time and told you are the one?  Another superb answer, Smile. Since you do not like to be at fault, why do you lay blame on the day so effortlessly?  What if the day had a voice and could talk and ask you to explain yourself?  What if the day could write you a nasty note and send it to you for your selfishness?  If the day would hire an attorney to defend itself against you, then what?  How would you stand against it?


When downtrodden, you look at others as tormentors who make you the victim when you are the ultimate persecutor to be. Your potential is a victim of you.  Your being born as supreme is a victim of you. Good nature is a victim of you. Your willingness to achieve is a victim of you for all of these and more in you want to get out and take over the day but you restrain them.  You cannot battle what does not change but you can strike down and obliterate what does.  If your day is governed more by your subduing the goodness in you, every second of your life will be spent controlling and keeping within that which is supposed to get out.  You create an unnecessary fight.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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