When I Look At You

Ooh! Ooh! My!

When I look at you I see magic.  I see not just an attractive person, but the most attractive person.  I am drawn by your beauty; in awe at how you wear it so humbly well.  You should be conceited but you are not; more reason I adore you and want to gaze at you.

My eyes for you

When I look at you I see talent unlike any other in this world.  Do you honestly know how gifted you are?  C’mon, do you not see how there is not a match that can closely compare?  Do you know how you would feel if you were to see yourself as I do…and the rest of the world does?

What I see?

When I look at you I see one who should never quit or give up on yourself.  I see a sexy and gentle; but fearless individual who can overtake everything and not be overtaken by anything.  I see someone who is a gift to humankind as a whole.

Yes, I’m still starring

When I look at you I want to have you forever.  I want to spend my days, nights, sick times, overworked hours, joyous moments, and all descriptions that fall within with you.  I want nothing more than to ensure you know how much I care for you.  The feeling is something deep.

The promise!

When I look at you, I can stare at this mirror all day and repeat the words I have already said, and ignite with more.  This is how I vow to love me!


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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