Where Are You?

Where am I?

Where am I?  You ask this question when lost.  When missing it is where are you.  When a person is missing the initial hours area the most critical.  Evidence is collected and protected while details are fresh.  Then, the determination if the person truly is missing.  After clarifying efforts are exacted to prevent any danger; providing there is none already.  Many minds are heavily working and collaborating to find the person to return them safely.

The Report

Imaging a report that you are missing.  How enraged would those who love you be?  How much of a panic would they be in knowing someone precious to them was not in arm’s reach?  What lengths would they go to get you back to hug you and tell you how much they love you?  Once you were returned, how much differently would they treat you?  You know they care and would be sick being without details.  Frankly, they would not be much better either with them while not seeing you physically.


Imagined enough?  As you age you should grow.  In fact, you should frequently morph into someone more.  One wiser, more mature, more thoughtful, more kind, more determined, more peaceful, and more driven.  You are the missing person your future is concerned about.  God long created a you who is waiting for you to get beyond whatever is stifling and hindering you.  That person loves you more than your loved ones if you were absent from them.  Not to take away from them, but they may be in a conditional mood.  The future you however see you as a complete person without judging.


When will you realize how critical your today is to your future you?  Today’s person needs resilience.  You must get beyond the toils and struggles that knock you down whenever you think and attempt to get up.  You must get beyond before getting back up getting knocked back down.  Nonetheless, you have to regain you today to get to your tomorrow.  If you are at a buffet, you will go in line to get one item and then the next.  Steps are the norm when getting your hair styled or cut.  To go on a trip you have yearned for requires planning, packing, and the travel to get there.  Steps are key.


When there is enjoyment ahead, you let nothing stop you from doing or getting to it.  It becomes different when not instantly seeing the enjoyment of the better you.  You become sidetracked.  The hassle is frustrating, you feel life is throwing you for a loop, and you quit.  What you’re missing is, the better you is better because of the wild ride.  The future you is more patient, calm, resilient, and happy.  It is time to reevaluate what has taken you.  This is the minute to dissect you and your life to pinpoint what has you in hysterics.  Is it busyness, your job, spouse, child(ren), heartache, letdown, wanting to fit in, or trying to be everybody’s superhero?  Is it stinginess, laziness, or your own selfishness that has you captive?  Where are you?



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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