Why do It? – Part 1

About Life

Why do it is a popular question.  It is especially useful from one on the outside of whatever is being done without him.  Not all are understood because people are gifted in different areas.  Difficulties in doing makes what one does seem out of the ordinary.  The person doing may question themselves too when they do without much to show in return.  Not everyone is heralded for what they do even when they are consistent and yet have little to moderate support.  Not everyone is well thought of when they have more reasons to stop than to go.  Even still, they go.  To this day, I have had reasons to stop and reasons to go.  One has to always outweigh the other.

The People

Once I recognized I had a voice that moved people, it gave me new reason to recognize my ability.  Growing up poor put me in a dark place for a long time.  criticism and hassling overshadowed my life.  I grew up very shy and withdrawn and thought very little of me.  I had not concept of what confidence or self-esteem were.  As I aged, what I hated the most (being around people) is what made me.  My negative life experiences could help them.  In fact, talking with people in 2022, a couple have reminded me of words I spoke to them in 2011-2012.  This was long before I was The Life Teacher, though I was unwittingly teaching life.  Though I do not always get responses, they give me a greater unction to do when I get them.  I can only think, who needs what I have to offer.

The Evidence

Some activities, gifts, or career choices show proof immediately.  Seeing proof is a confidence driver.  Doing what I do does not always yield those “right now” results.  I have had to learn over the years to not cause the lack of seeing to lead to a lack of doing.  Like a balloon requires more air or helium to grow, people’s minds are the same way.  Therefore, patience is critical.  As long as I know I can educate, encourage, and inspire millions across the globe, I’ll do what I do.  Belief can only go so far.  Knowing is what lasts perpetually.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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