Why Failure Is needed

 Why fail?

Far too often we get into saving mode instead of swimming mode, teaching mode, or fortitude mode.  We try with all we have to prevent another person from falling or failing now because we think it is proper and correct to do.  Our intention focuses on now.  Life is filled with hits and hard hits since we began learning to walk as a child.  Those hits do not stop as we age.  Depending on how far and how high we plan to go in life, the falls can become more frequent and firmer.

Why appreciate it?

Failing creates character, a keen sense of what not to do, and a stronger vigor to work and create a new path.  And if not a new, corrections to the former.  When we focus on prevention we continue to put pampers on the wet bottom instead of the changing of it.  That means the person we keep saving will eventually stay in the mess they created expecting for the next hand to lift them out and clean them up once again.  That’s not reality.

The help that hurts

Any success has come as a result of, and in many times, greater failure.  The mishaps have far outweighed the happenings.  If we had to fail, why do we think it is wise to play rescue to one who needs to learn as much as we did?  We are still learning now why we should be more careful in our decisions and actions.  If failure helped us why think by allowing the next person to bypass it will create a better, more dutiful, more intentional, and more meaningful them?  Help is not always help.  Help can be more hurt that leads to helpless.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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