Bedroom Shoes

Bedroom shoes

Of the names they are called are bedroom shoes, house shoes, or slippers. These shoes are reached for in the morning and are appreciated in the evening. They are an early staple; a part of the beginning, let’s prepare to get going attire. After going through the hours of the day, it is good to relax the feet that have done and carried so much. That is what makes them such a delight during the latter part of the day.

What to work in

If your work is outside of the house, bedroom shoes are not the typical work attire. They would not be considered appropriate work attire if you were moving about, and your feet needed to be protected. They are not fit for grimy and gritty work. And neither would they be considered professional if in an office setting. What they generally represent is slowing down, calmness, and relinquishing the weights of work, chores and productivity. Bedroom shoes should be worn when they have their place, and not 24/7.

Work shoes or boots

Mentally, what type of shoes do you mostly wear? How would you equate your shoes to your state of doing? Do you spend most of your time thinking and going passively? Or do you put on the work shoes or boots and vigorously go after what you want in life? Resting has a place true enough, but you can’t rest more than you work if you expect to experience worth. The dreams you see in your sleep only come alive when you awake and work for them. You may dream in your bedroom, but dreams unveil in your work room. Your work room can be in your home or outside of it. Nonetheless, set your parameters and pick the correct shoes to accommodate it both mentally and physically.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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