Your Epiphany!


An epiphany is a wow moment.  It is an eye-opening instant where you realize something you perhaps should have already.  What you are doing is not necessarily new, but the realization is.  The revelation of an epiphany seems as if it hits you hard at once.  It is a voila moment like magic except it is real.  It is a sudden understanding of what you have been needing or waiting for even if you did not think so.  Epiphanies help you to see what you have been dodging and trying not to see.  All you have been doing has taken precedence over your ability to see and reason vividly.

It’s That Time

When you get it, that ah-ha “moment” is one you will always think of.  It packs a punch!  Because it was so profound, it will stick with you.  Your epiphany is not just an act of unveiling, but a stellar future reminder.  When you doubt or are struggling with your new path, you will refer back to the “jolt”.  New decisions are initially invigorating.  In time is when you may wonder if they were right or not.  Nonetheless, you will recall how you were shook when the enchantment revealed and echoed it is time for something else.  You might be surprised as to how your life will act for you when you are dragging.  Sometimes your dragging is done innocently while other times it is intentional.

Where is it?

If you have not had your awakening moment yet, just know it is coming.  You can only make poor choices for so long before you long to make rich ones.  Your life is designed to do something differently than you normally have; especially with what did not fully aid you.  The launching of your new path is in your current path.  You will meet it with a measure of self-belief and will to do better than continually hitting dead ends.  You may be at a dead end when it happens but rejoice that it does.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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