Your Isolation Will Be Your Insulation

Settled in the dark

The trunk is a lonely and desolate place.  It is used primarily for storage and not so much for company.  The trunk doesn’t get to see people, hear or get involved in conversation.  It doesn’t take in the air fragrances the cabin gets.  It stays alone, different and dark. When you have items to leave in a vehicle, you automatically think of the cabin because that is where you sit. Even though dark and left alone, the trunk can be a much better place.  If it is scorching hot outside, the sun penetrates the glass and makes the interior many times hotter.  Even though the trunk is closed, it does not get as heated because it lacks the glass.

The best place to be

Here is the point. There are times in life when you are alone, in the dark, and away, and you feel as if you are in the worst place.  You feel like just an item and not a person.  In retrospect you are in a much safer place than you think you are.  It is in the desolation is where you will be preserved.  In the isolation is where you got your insulation. You got more protection that led to preservation.

Independent progress

Stop begrudging being by yourself or not having that expected support.  Stop hating those dark moments.  You obviously need both, the dark and the seclusion more than you know.  God initially spoke into the dark; therefore, understand the dark has a place where the most beautiful can derive from.  And just like items put in a trunk always come out, eventually you will come out and get to play in the light.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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